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Guardian Angels – Serge Tyrault

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But where is Serge Tyrault? Like many Quebecers, documentary filmmakers Martin Fournier and Pierre-Luc Latulipe asked themselves this question when they saw that the popular actor, suffering from depression, had completely disappeared from the media scene. in their movie out, serge, outThe two directors give the floor to those close to the actor who have been trying for years to help him come out of his slumber.

The initial idea of ​​Martin Fournier and Pierre-Luc Latulip was simply to go and meet Serge Terriault to share their admiration for him and perhaps make a movie about him. But when he showed up at his home in the summer of 2019, the documentary filmmakers instead met his wife, Anna, who told them that an actor little lifeAnd ding and dong And Jazz Bar Blues He did not go out of his home for six years, after a severe depression.

“She told us that it was impossible to meet with Serge, says Pierre-Luc Latulip in an interview with magazine. We talked to her and she told us about her life and what she goes through on a daily basis. We found her really strong and very lonely to face this situation. After several meetings with her, we offered to film her story because we were so touched by her role as a caregiver.”


Martin Fournier and Pierre-Luc Latulip say their documentary wasn’t filmed without Serge Thierault’s knowledge. The actor agreed to the project on the condition that it did not appear on the screen. Even if you catch a glimpse of his character a few times and hear him speak briefly at the end of the movie, out, serge, out It is built above all else around interviews with the four guardian angels who watch over the 73-year-old actor on a daily basis: his wife, Anna Suazo, their daughter Melina, and their neighbors and friends, Robert and Goland Rasiccott.

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Martin Fournier insists that “our film is about caregivers”. We wanted to portray those people that we never brought into the spotlight because we thought it was important to show their reality.”

out, serge, out It is presented this Saturday at Rencontres internationales du Documentaire de Montréal and premieres on November 19.

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