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Guillaume Beauregard presents his short film Live at the studio

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In May 2019, Guillaume Beauregard recorded his exact album title Live in studio (live in studio).

The project was born when I realized that I had coordinated my songs a lot in the studio with brass stringsThe musician remembers.

Buregaard Clouds

Photo: Russian Small

So he chooses from his first two separate albums five songs that he wishes to give a full measure of. To do this, the singer-songwriter invites about fifteen musicians to join him.

I found it a shame not being able to share this Live with the public, because the logistics, technology and financial side do not allow this. So I thought of a movie.

Quote from:Buregaard Clouds

Then the idea of ​​a live show, in the studio, with the musicians and in front of the audience, came up to him. I told myself we have to capture all of that, the sounds and the images, and make a movie about itRemember.

A concert shot by the audience

Having worked several times with director Maxime Giroux, who is also a member of Les Vulgaires Machins, he does not hesitate and invites the latter.

The two friends are looking for a way to innovate because they don’t want to present a simple triple-camera party.

Maxim gave me the idea, and more “left space” to ask the 20 spectators in attendance to film the recording of the album with their cell phones. I trusted him.

Quote from:Guillaume Beauregard on the concept of perception

Viewers easily agree to photograph the fruits of their work and toss them into the creative team’s computer at the end of the day. Because it’s there, too, the challenge: Everything was done in less than a few hours, an album and a short movie.

We succeeded, says the singer proudly, despite technical difficulties and logistical headaches. We managed to record all these beautiful people at once, with strings, brass, musicians and a chorus. Honestly, the most beautiful musical moment in my life!

The mini album and movie will be released in the fall of 2020.

The result is fantastic, the images captured by the spectators have been reworked and transferred to black and white. The sound captured under the direction of Sound Director Gus Van Joo is extremely powerful.

The short film Au studio live By Guillaume Beauregard it is just a celebration of music in pictures.

Au studio live It is presented until May 8 at the Rendez-vous Québec Cinema.

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