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Julie Snyder is confident on her new date

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Julie Snyder captured to me Elizabeth Lepage-Boyle to As part of an interview. In fact, open host about his new relationship.

Here’s what she said about the guy she’s currently dating: He is not an artist. But, he is a person, when you hear the name, you will recognize him […] I met him through my work ‘,” I reported to Elizabeth Lepage-Boyle.

He is not an artist. But he is a person when you hear the name, you will recognize him.”

Then she told an anecdote about the beginning of their relationship: “ On December 23, he came to dinner with us. We had dinner at home on my little kitchen table. It’s the last time we see each other before we go our separate ways on our Christmas business. This is the second time we are having dinner together. On December 24th, I must have my 75-year-old aunt to have dinner with us. “I know we don’t have COVID,” I said to Thomas, “but we’re still running a test because Aunt Helen is coming.” We’re going to the pharmacy for a test. Both were positive. The next day I have to call my appointment. I told him, “I don’t really know how to tell you this, but I have COVID and my son does too.” His father had an open heart operation. But, because we kept two meters, he didn’t get it. Suppose all this delays the relationship “.

Julie Snyder told the reporter that she was so sad after their breakup that she wanted to take her time in her new relationship.

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Remember that last February, Julie Snyder rocked the movie sets at the show 4th of July week Share that she’s getting a new date.

I have a “date”, it’s very recent. He wants to take his time. Because I told him, “If I’m in a hurry, I run four times a week on the treadmill; go away right away!” “,” mentioned.

Then she added shyly: ” we hug “.

My history and I pass our exams [de dépistage ITSS]. I’m hot there! It might be over with me dating, he’ll say, “You talk about me on TV.” Plus my date sees all my shows Julie Snyder added.

After several difficult experiences, the facilitator deserves happiness and love. About that, she opened up about her mental health, and is still on her show, as part of the day let’s talk bell.

I know I’m sweating with joy. On the treadmill every night, I’m in a good mood, I always feel a great positive emotion when I look on the air in front of you and I’m often told my energy is contagious […] But since it’s a special day, I have to show the other side of my little coin She said.

His testimony inspired hundreds of viewers across Quebec.

For our part, we can’t wait to find out who the mystery man makes Julie Snyder’s heart beat!

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