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Chat robots: A company in Quebec that has the wind in its sails

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You don’t have to go far to find the Botpress technology, based on artificial intelligence (AI), whose implementation has accelerated with COVID-19.

In the fall of 2020, the Quebec government contacted the company to create an automated chat room dedicated to coronavirus-related questions.

Quebec’s technology allows the government to offer an automated chat service on its website.

Photo: Government of Quebec (screen capture)

We create the technology that makes it possible to create digital assistants. We can see that a bit like virtual employeesSylvain Perron, co-founder and CEO of Sainte-Foy, identifies.

When COVID started, the government was completely overwhelmed with calling 811. It wanted to be able to respond to citizens as quickly as possible.Mr. Perron remembers.

It was still necessary to be able to provide these virtual employees with accurate information.

It was a huge challenge because the information about COVID is changing very quickly. It should hold a lot of data and thousands and thousands of responses. I think we automate several million conversationsThe CEO adds.

This is especially helpful in times of COVID, when call centers are completely overwhelmed. It automates specific conversations or questions for some people.

Quote from:Sylvain Perron, Co-Founder and CEO, Botpress Technologies


Botpress reports that bot chat is booming worldwide, as evidenced by dedicated research on the topic, according to the CEO. Since 2018, artificial intelligence (AI) research on chatbots has accelerated to the point that they are now able to understand the emotions or state of mind of their interlocutors.

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This is a much needed area. Within 4 years, it would be completely impossible to distinguish between a robot and a human, at which point the robots would be able to communicate and assimilate knowledgeAs Sylvain Perron thinks.

The digital pictogram shows a face and data.

According to Matthew Dougall, influencer marketing, in which large companies will invest $ 20 billion in 2022, will involve robots and chatbots, among others.

Photo: iStock

To further improve its technology, Botpress has just secured $ 15 million in financing from various mutual funds, including two from Quebec, Inovia and Inovexport. This is one of the most important investments for a start From Quebec, according to Sylvain Perron.

Botpress wants to increase its staff from 25 to 70. The company will also open an office in Montreal at the end of the pandemic.

Botpress Team in Quebec

Botpress Team in Quebec

Photo: Sylvain Perron

Private life

Since its inception, the Government of Quebec has made sure that the bot-chat room created by Botpress Technologies respects privacy protection.

The chat agent does not collect personal data. However, it does record questions entered by the citizens, as it makes it possible to optimize the answers of the default agent, to target the missing content in Qué government of Quebec is estimated.

We should also expect a greater presence of digital assistants within the Canadian government.

AI technologies hold promise for improving the way the Government of Canada serves Canadians. As we examine the use of artificial intelligence in government programs and services, we make sure that it is governed by clear values, ethics, and laws. Refers to Ottawa.

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Botpress is already working with the Canadian Armed Forces.

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