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Guillaume Lemay Theverge honors Emily Beggin on her 40th birthday

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Emily Begin He is 40 years old!

While Emily Beggin celebrates her 40th birthdaye The birthday star was, of course, able to count on her beloved, Clouds Lemay ThevergeTo show respect to him.

The controversial comedian is now talking privately about ” Kindness, gentleness, love and joy of life “that begins” diffuse in the post Instagram Good hair.

« My sweet love, you are now past the bar of 40 and which fits you wonderfully… I wish you happiness like the one you share all around you with your family, friends and everyone who met or met your way!
I feel privileged to be attached to your body and soul every night and to wake up every morning that life gives us. My angel, Emily, you are such a wonderful person with a heart as big as the Earth that I love from the bottom of my heart. Wishing you a great year out of your first 40 I thank you for your kindness, your sweetness, your love and the joy of life that you spread to all the winds. I love you, my future wife, I hope life is sweet to you and the most fun in the world. … to be there you are a wonderful person! Good 40 years I’m your biggest fan!!!! ‘,” Lemay-Thivierge launched on the social network, captioning an adorable photo of Bégin!

Happy birthday Emily!

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To honor her too, watch Emily Beggin’s first music video, Urban legend – urban legend, released in 2004. A song that’s still spinning in our heads!

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