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Mad cow disease caused by the Covid vaccine? GUEST FROM TPMP MAKING HER SECRETS… YOU ARE GOING TO HALLU-CINER!

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To this day, the pandemic continues to affect our daily lives. In France, public opinion about vaccination is divided. For the most hesitant people, the various vaccines offered by the labs cause innumerable side effects. Others regret the lack of perspective on the necessary dosages. On Friday, January 21, 2022, Cyril Hanoun raised the subject again on the set Don’t touch my TV.

For the occasion, he welcomed Mark Doerr who spoke about the arduous daily life of his 72-year-old wife, Morissette. His health deteriorated after receiving his dose of the vaccine last May. “You know, we’re from a generation of vaccines, so we were, like everyone else, a little conditioned. We started to get scared and when we got the news about the vaccine, that was good news! We went there with confidence!” Mark Doerr explained. If his wife was fine from the first dose, fifteen days after the second dose, she began to feel bad. “She started feeling tingling in her left leg, some dizziness, then the symptoms escalated. Very quickly, we went to see the doctor, is specified.

Concerned about his condition, Mark Doyer made a quick appointment with a doctor for his wife. “We did an MRI and there, the diagnosis fell off quickly, we were told, a slight trace of an old stroke. While you weren’t feeling any discomfort, there was no crooked mouth as one would find in a conventional stroke…and then he was handcuffed behind him. Chained. She started having a tremor in her left leg, her left arm…There, we asked ourselves questions and we saw the first neurologist.” he added.

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For a specialist, the problem was above all inflammatory. I said to her, ‘Listen, she was vaccinated two weeks ago, don’t you think there might be a connection? And she asked me questions, what is the vaccine, and I said Pfizer, when … and there she wrote a letter and said, “We have to do another MRI with a syringe, because I need to see what happened more precisely,” Mark Doerr added. The verdict will eventually fall: Morissette suffers from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. “I will remember it all my life because, inevitably, Morissette was there — at that time, she was still talking and walking — and she could see clearly that something was going on and she says to me, ‘What? Is there? Are you hiding? something from me? And I admit I couldn’t help but crack because you can’t even fight BSE! (…) I have my wife in front of me and deep inside me – I even know that she will die (…).”, Thus concluded Mark Doerr not without passion.

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