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Guilty Gear Strive offers its own video game modes

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Whereas in 2020 we noticed Record the full path of the addressAt the beginning of January is the character known to fans Angie Mitto, who made us happy. Through an Overview Video Posted by Arc System Works, Guilty Gere worked hard It now reveals its various game modes.

A full round in the game

This new creation wouldn’t be famous for its relatively generous combat game content. In terms of online modes, players will be able to compete while enjoying cross-play between PS4 and PS5 consoles. However, for the time being, this would not be possible for PC gamers.

The net undo symbol will also be present. Linked to fighting games, this network icon helps make online experiences more reliable for players. Also note the presence of the lobby system and the ability to customize your avatar.

In the words of Arc System Works, this lobby system will set a floor based on your skill level determined by the outcome of the match, but also by analyzing your actions in combat.

Finally, it will be possible to meet players and friends, up to nine people, in the “Player Match” lobby. With regard to offline content, Guilty Gere worked hard It will include Tutorial, Mission, Training, Showdown, Survival, Arcade, Exposition, GG World and Story modes.

Scheduled for April 9, 2021, Guilty Gere worked hard It will be available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Meanwhile, a new trailer will be released soon, introducing the fifteenth character that will pose List at launchR. The first season ticket has already been announced.

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