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Guilty of assaulting a dwarf, he says he’s stigmatized in prison

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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The man convicted of the short-term sexual assault of a person in the Quebec City detention center requested that his sentence be reduced due to the stigma he had suffered since media coverage of his crime.

The alleged actions date back to the fall of 2018 when Jonathan Bertrand Pollio was imprisoned in Left Wing 14 of Orsenville Prison where a young man weighing less than 110 pounds was also arrested.

Bertrand Pollio, the 200-pound giant, used his victim as a real “dog”.

Several “sleep intakes” were performed by the accused who used his penis to hit his victim in the face in addition to inserting objects into the anus.

His crimes annoyed his fellow inmates enough to break the usual Omerta that reigns in prison and denounces the 29-year-old.

Bertrand Beaulieu is still in the sentencing phase after nearly two years, and has filed for a reduced sentence due to the stigma he had suffered since media coverage of his crime.

The man remains in detention, and says he was intimidated and mocked, by giving him all the names.

In particular, he recounted being burned and beaten by three of his fellow prisoners. He also complains about sending him “to the pit” and protecting him.

However, the crown argued that the accused “plays big arms” in all the wings he passes. Numerous disciplinary reports indicate that it created a climate of terror.

Attorney General Melanie Tremblay specifically referred to an episode in April 2020, in which “Bertrand Beaulieu gets angry and forces the entire sector not to eat to support him.”

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Correctional officers also indicated that they heard the inmate make fatal comments and that he had a “climax”. Once he left the area, the officers noticed a drop in pressure in the wing where he was.

The prosecutor said, “He plays with big arms and ends up turning on him.” She appealed to “Mr. Bertrand Beaulieu is the problem.”

The crown demands eight years in prison for serious assault, sexual assault and threats.

On the contrary, the accused’s lawyer, Mr.e Matteo Giro confirms that a prison sentence of three years is sufficient. The crown also requests that he be found guilty for ten years.

The judge will issue her ruling by the summer.

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