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“We didn’t steal it” – Dominic Ducharme

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The old saying goes that it is not how, it is how much. Even if we wondered many times if the Canadian wouldn’t get away with a second match in a row against Flames, he ended up in the winner’s shoes.

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This is the most important in this race between the Alberta Formations and Habs for last place that gives access to the playoffs in the Northern Division.

Since there are still three duels between the two teams, nothing is static. However, Al-Kindy has made his competitor’s task a bit more complicated. Especially since he still has three matches on hand.

“We wanted more commitments, and our effort was there. This match, we didn’t steal it, Dominic Ducharme supported us. Yes, they had a lot of chances to score, but that was mostly because of their strength.”

The head coach of the Canadians still admits that his flock has not played a perfect match, knowing some of the problems in their territories.

“It was a little better,” she recoiled when comparing the area’s exits for his forces between Friday’s match and Wednesday’s match.

Several transformations

Sometimes, al-Kindy managed to get out of his area a little faster. Along the way, keep making 30 turns. Eight of them were caused by Shea Weber (4) and Ben Chiarot (4), reunited for the first time in nearly four weeks.

“Yes, the two had to find their directions a little bit. But for a guy whose time was too short, Ben did a great job. We didn’t have time to complete the changes. [au système] When he’s injured, he has to adjust a little bit to what we’re doing. “

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Faithful to his habit, Weber did not want to dwell on the lesser-quality aspects.

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