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Gwen Stefani on her and her dyslexic children

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“They understand that their brains work differently.”

Between her illustrious music career – as a solo artist and number one in No Doubt – and her status as one of the judges on NBC the sound, Gwen Stefani has been a huge star for quite some time.

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Stephanie also shares three sons with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, and during a recent episode of Zane Lowe ShowShe revealed that she discovered she was suffering from dyslexia after her children had difficulty reading.

“One of the things that I’ve discovered through having children is that I suffer from dyslexia – everyone has things going on and so do I,” she explained.

“And I feel like a lot of the problems that I ran into or even the decisions that I made for myself stemmed from that, because now children – obviously everything is hereditary – have some of these problems.”

But Stephanie also confirmed that her children get a lot of support in school with “great teachers”. “They don’t have to be ashamed of it. They understand that their brains work in a different way. All of our brains do, do you know what I mean?”

Stephanie also reflected how this discovery changed her view of her own struggles as she grew up, because she “failed at school”. “I was a good girl. I didn’t do any bad things. It was very difficult for me to work in the school fund that everyone was supposed to understand.”

“And my mind didn’t work that way; it’s still not. But it works in various ways. It might be a gift that other people can’t.”

Stephanie went into detail on that last point, and talked about how making music without a doubt helped her by herself overcome the difficulties she faced with dyslexia.

“At the time, I had written that entire record and didn’t even know how to write a song, and I literally gave my whole life for everyone to listen. And after that I’m still in the group with [No Doubt band member Tony Kanal], Which I’ve been relying on a lot, probably because of my dyslexia. “

“I didn’t know any of this yet, but I think I had no confidence in myself at the time. When I was writing a song or going up on stage, I felt relaxed and the only thing was going well for me.”

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Stephanie’s experience is a necessary reminder that we are all different – and we must all follow our creative bliss, no matter what obstacles may be in the way.

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