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The mayor of Gatineau sets her priorities for this fall

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The housing crisis is at the top of the list.

This fall, I would say especially in the context of the boycotts campaign, it will be about housing and the housing crisiskicked off at a partisan meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Ms Bellel also announced that she will be in Laval on Friday to participate in the Housing Summit, an initiative of her counterparts in Laval and Longueuil to address the housing issue in Quebec.

In Laval, on Friday, she will be accompanied by her colleague Danielle Champagne, who chairs the Gatineau Housing Trauma Committee.

Taxes, municipal finance and administrative reorganization will also be on France Bélisle’s radar this fall. The mayor’s goal: to make the city more effective Which It also responds better to the needs of citizens.

I have expectations that we don’t push politics, but we make decisions about facts, especially in police and firefighter cases that we have to judge.among others, Ms. Pelisle at a press meeting.

For the past few months we’ve picked a good cruising speed and that’s a good thing, because what lies ahead can make us feel seasick. »

Quote from Frans Bellil, Mayor of Gatineau, at the opening of the municipal council meeting

This city no longer has the luxury of wasting time or energy. Around this table, we will have the option to raise our voices […] or behave. This city deserves a council able to put itself in a position to resolve, and able to spread its will to deliver what is already so long.she added.

An environmentally friendly place

Among his other priorities. The mayor of Gatineau also confirmed that the environment will have a favorite spot on her list this fall.

Biological Diversity Charter, Landfill Issues cooking Among the items on the agenda are a policy on pesticides and a new management program for recyclable and compostable materials.

STO’s transition to multimedia and electrical will continue, and it refers to the mayor (archives).

Photo: Radio Canada

Sustainable mobility will also be one of the municipal council’s priorities, since France Bellel points outThe next few months, the transition from STO Towards the multimedia and electrical will continueshe told the city council on Tuesday evening.

Expected responses from the federal government in the tram file is slow. So we will have to find solutions to achieve faster results for people in the West in particularThe mayor of Gatineau fired.

Infrastructure, housing, finance, sustainable mobility, the environment and services to citizens will be my main priorities and our top priorities in the fall.France Bellel concluded in her opening address to the City Council.

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