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Hacking is in progress, do not reply to this message

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WhatsApp is the target of a new hack attempt. First, the users who are targeted by fraud receive it A message containing the login code for two-factor authentication. Then, a contact claims to have transmitted this code in error and requests to restore it. After that, the hackers behind the process take control of your WhatsApp account.

A British consumer magazine warns users The WhatsApp. In the past few days, the scam has targeted Facebook instant messaging users.

In a post on Twitter, which? Details of the process used by hackers. At first, you will receive an SMS Connection icon Two-factor authentication. If you do not ask for a login code, it is possible that you are the target of a group of hackers.

On the same topic: Carrefour doesn’t offer a 250 € coupon on Facebook and WhatsApp, it’s a scam!

How is this WhatsApp hack attempt going?

Within a few minutes of receiving this short message, one of your friends will be communicating with you on WhatsApp. “Hey, sorry I sent you a 6-digit code by text message by mistake, can you forward it to me please? It’s an emergency” Explains the message.

It is imperative that your contact request is not approved. Your friend’s account has been hacked. Thanks to his WhatsApp account, hackers are trying to trap other users. It’s possible that the hackers sent the same message to your friend’s entire contact list.

In fact, the pirates are Set up WhatsApp on a new device with your own phone numberRetrieved at Leaked database. To complete the process, they absolutely need the contact code sent via WhatsApp via SMS. “Your friend’s WhatsApp has been hacked – you are now the target! If you share the code, the crooks will hack your code too.” Summarizes what?

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If you have any doubts about the origin of a message received on WhatsApp, we recommend that you contact your friend outside of the messaging system to confirm their statements. Did you receive a similar message on WhatsApp? We await your testimonial in the comments below.

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