Halo Infinite: We know more about Season 2

The end of the first season of Halo Infinite scheduled for May 2, it will be necessary to wait until the next day to be able to discover the second season of the game that will bear the name “Lone Wolf”. Developers in 343 industries took the time to detail this by explaining that Lone Wolf Spartans are hunters, usually working in enemy terrain without help or support.

To accompany this new season, a new breaking event will appear which, like the first, will unlock free cosmetic content for our Spartan. Moreover, new playlists should be added, as well as new modes, balancing, and finally (!) new maps. In short, the expected content that should be able to slightly revitalize the title and which, on the other hand, will have to do without the long-awaited cooperation mode.

In fact, the developers took advantage of this announcement to determine that you still need to be patient to be able to surf the countryside with a friend. However, this is still planned for Season 2, which has no end date. For the rest, the goals remain the same: formation status should arrive with season three. patience …


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