Halo TV Series: A Peek At The Game Awards Trailer | Xbox One

As planned, a trailer for Halo TV series will be released on the occasion of Game Awards 2021. And in case you don’t want to wait, we now have a preview.

15 seconds of teasing before the official promo

When one sees what appears to be a swan and a string of pigs, doubts fade and confirmation arrives. This is actually the Halo saga, but in a completely new form.

After several years of pregnancy, it looks like the Halo TV series is now ready to show itself ahead of its scheduled launch in early 2022 at Paramount. Here are 15 small seconds of teasing before the full video is discovered on Thursday through Friday nights. Part of the Xboxygen team has already planned to stay up all night to bring the Game Prizes to you directly! See you Friday, December 10 at 2 a.m.

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