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Haute-Gaspésie will soon launch the brown trash can

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This is the challenge that head MRCJay Bernaches, as part of a residual material management (PGMR) plan review.

Two public consultations on the revision of the RMP were held in early May.

At present, the processing of the remaining materials accounts for one third of the budget MRCThe rising cost of living, especially transportation costs, raises fears of a sharp increase in this budget item.

If we continue to act in this way, it is certain and certain that it will continue to increase sharply in the coming years. »

Quote from Guy Bernaches, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

According to Guy Bernatchez, the arrival of organic matter composting this fall will allow MRC To reduce this cost increase.

By recovering our organic matter, there will be fewer groups in the green container. If we do it right, there will be a way – perhaps not to reduce costs – but at least to reduce them over time.he explains.

The Governor of Haute-Gaspésie, Guy Bernatchez, believes that composting will help reduce (archival) waste management costs.

Photo: Radio Canada/Margaret Morin

He also believes that there are still media and awareness efforts with the residents of Haute-Gaspésie about sorting the remaining materials, in order to reduce the bill he pays each year before MRC for waste management.

It is a matter of properly separating the remaining materialsHe says, reminding residents of Haute-Gaspésie that personal efforts translate into results that benefit the entire population.

Communication efforts will be made by MRCEspecially in schools. Our children will become important players in the future, because they know the urgency of the situation.

Composting in Matan

The organic waste will be sent to the Matane platform for composting once it is up and running, which is expected in the fall.

It was difficult for us to set up community composting platforms, because managing them in the community, on the ground, in the winter…became a problem.justify.

Several scenarios have been studied and the best one from the point of view of efficiency and finance is the Matane Regional Platform. »

Quote from Guy Bernaches, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Brown compost bins on the side of the road.

In Quebec, organic matter, such as food waste, accounts for a third of what we dispose of (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada

Such a decision was made before the meteoric rise in fuel prices and the elected official does not believe that this decision will increase the cost of transporting the remaining materials.

Anyway, we collected the remaining materials with the green container. These are the same materials, but will be transferred differently. There will be two-sided trucks. The cost of transportation will not tripleConfirms.

Part of the manure produced in the Matane composting pallet will be returned to MRCfor distribution to the population. Details will be determined over the coming months.

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