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Have you ever seen this amazing singer from the Star Académie auditions on TV?

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Tony Vaughn
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This Monday was the new season of star Academy, with a special week called final hearing. In it, you can meet the people who will be from the first variety on Sunday.

Moreover, you can discover some faces entering the academy directly, The novelty of this season. Moreover, this whistle It was used twice in this first show.

One session in particular was memorable there. It’s that of Audrey Luiz, 23, from Broussard.

The new mom performed the song “I’ll Never Love Again” from the movie A star is born With incredible brilliance and talent, he touched all the notes with ease.

You had to see the faces of the faculty, made up of Gregory Charles, Gillen Tremblay and director Lara Fabian, to understand how vulnerable they were to the spell, and for good reason. Excitement is absolutely guaranteed and an unforgettable moment! Are we already dealing with someone who can make it to the final? We can believe it!

Besides, does his face mean anything to you? In fact, Audrey Louise Beauséjour has already been seen on our television, in various projects. I participated in the broadcast Fan School And Big Championshipsin 2003 and 2008.

We’ve also seen it in 30 competitions, as Julian Rothier, and later in the second season of foreverWhere a tennis player played the victim of her coach.

You can hear a short clip of her performance tonight on final hearing Below, and another of his home offerings below. Wow, what an incredible talent!

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