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Here are some numbers about the impact of a platform like YouTube on the country’s economy

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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It’s rare to find studies that highlight the value and economic impact of networking platforms – social or video – as Google just did for YouTube.

Below is a summary of key information about the platform’s impact in Canada in 2021 taken from the press release.

  • YouTube allows us to enrich our knowledge: In Quebec, 93% of users say they use YouTube to get information and gain knowledge.
  • YouTube in French: 78% of Quebecers agree that it is easy to find content in the language of their choice on YouTube.
  • The number of people earning $100,000 on the platform is growing: the number of YouTube channels earning over $100,000 CAD has increased by 35% compared to the previous year.
  • YouTube puts Canadian culture on the global stage: 78% of creators agree that YouTube helps them export their content to international audiences they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.
  • YouTube also supports small and medium businesses : 80% of small and medium businesses with a YouTube channel agree that the platform has played a role in expanding their customer base by reaching new audiences.

The next time you click on YouTube in your bookmark bank, you are likely to look with a different eye at the benefits and impacts of such a platform on our economy, or even our society in general.

More information about study here.

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