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Marshmallow Electric Explosion | QEF 2022

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Explosion, flame and streamers. Once Marshmello arrived, the party settled in, only to end after 90 minutes, virtually nonstop.

dance, pop, snare, rap, DubstepRock: No style escapes the turntables of the helmeted DJ.

His performance was a mixture of his own compositions and folk songs. Sometimes, the combination of the two was done too quickly. For example, the few seconds of Supernovacan It is on the album Earthquake Intertwined in the blink of an eye with once again by Daftpunk.

On several occasions, the performer with a marshmallow head made the audience sing together. This was not necessary for us to pray for theft From WRLD juice Or on the well-known onomatopoeias that adorn the well-known bass bass Army of seven countries subordinate White lines.

Marshmallow during the electric evening at the Festival d’été de Québec.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc-Andre Turgeon

The electric evening adheres, the effects of fireworks were omnipresent. Flames, fireworks, and jets of air erupted from the edge of the stage throughout the show. Colored lasers, visible through a steady stream of smoke, gave the Plains the atmosphere of the club.

Videos displayed on giant screens completed the visual experience. Sometimes the abstract, sometimes narrative images amplify the solo man’s presence on stage, for an immersive atmosphere.

After taking a picture with the audience, the artist disappeared into a cloud of smoke, leaving only the sound of her ringing ears.

Electro from here

In the first part, the composer and DJ from Quebec Millimetric fulfills a dream, which is to play on the biggest stage at the Festival d’été. The person who won the Félix Award for Best Electronic Music Recording in 2019 was not on his first assignment in FEQ. However, he had not walked the boards of the Plains of Abraham as an artist.

Behind his turntable, he fiddled with his console and beat to electronic rhythm. Jean-Michel Perrier was on traditional drums.

A few days before the event, Millimetric revealed that Dominic Pelletier, singer of the rock band Caravan, as well as Liana’s office would be there to pay the note.

Dominique Pelletier, who recently launched the solo project Bonanza, was the first to take the stage. True to his form, he quickly dashed into the crowd. He continued to sing, annoyed or almost, as he twirled into the hands of festival-goers.

The singer is carried by the crowd.  sing at the same time.  Spectators photograph him with their mobile phones.

Singer Dominique Pelletier is used to crowds. He was honest with his shaping during a Millimetrik performance at the Festival d’été de Québec.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc-Andre Turgeon

He’s made a new work that, according to Millimetrik, won’t be released this year and Sunlight in the Bay of Plenty Who is on the album? drenched in the sun. We can also hear the Liana Bureau at the same long match.

In addition to the musicians, two dancers participated, including choreographer and choreographer Genevieve Duong. She and Millimetric co-founded Creative Zai Lab, a creative company where music and dance are intertwined.

Alison Wonderland has been replaced

The evening’s only DJ, Alexandra Schuller, better known as Alison Wonderland, had to cancel her attendance for health reasons. This was announced by the Summer Festival on social networks earlier today, Wednesday.

British duo hips snake Added to the evening’s electronic programming to fill in vacant Australian DJs.

The British duo went on to get snippets of some well-known songs. Many of them were nightclub hits in the early 2000s like satiate by Benny Benassi hot in hyeri by Nelly and move bitch From Ludacris who made his voice heard at the festival for the second time this year.

Among electronic beats, Snakehips allowed a slightly modified version of September From Earth wind and fire. The disc jockeys continued their formation whose He left which features singer MØ. The rhythm of the piece allowed the dancers to catch their breath.

They’re done all my friends, Title track from microalbum’s 2016 album.

DJ raises his arms in the air and watches the crowd.

Oliver Heldens prepared the crowd for Marshmallow’s arrival.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc-Andre Turgeon

Oliver Heldens, the interested DJ

Oliver Heldens has not been a dead hand with successes for all generations. In addition to the current popular songs such as dancing monkeythe Dutchman went from ABBA to Kiss via Another scratch on the wall by Pink Floyd and Don’t stop the musicagainst by Rihanna. All this at a rate deep house.

The DJ was a bit conservative at the mic. Still threw some cliches from dance halls like Make some noise (makes some noise).

Dare a few words in French. Many artists do this, but Oliver Heldens took the focus even further, ending with two French-language remixes: great story And the Frustratingrespectively by Michele Vaughn and Mylene Farmer.

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