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Here’s everything we can hope for in 2022!

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2021 was a challenge for Xbox, but 2022 brings more challenges. What can we expect from Control unit from Microsoft?

Contrary to popular belief, last year’s results remain positive for the gaming brand, it has enjoyed success with its own titles such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. The expansion of its Game Pass offering has also been a success. Xbox has also integrated its own xCloud streaming technology. But what does the future hold for 2022?

More exclusive games from the catalog

Xbox fans have always despised its flaws in high-quality, exclusive games, but that’s expected to change in 2022. The company has secured several studio acquisitions, enough to fill the void. for example, Bethesda RPG, a sci-fi epic title, in preparation in November 2022 Xbox Xbox X/s.

Arkane Studios will be launching as well fail Between May and September. But that’s not all, other exclusive advantages are also expected on the console: mockeryAnd stalker 2And Chernobyl heartAnd tearing downAnd Hellblade 2 and Fable.

Broadcast stick and TV app

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will continue to enjoy the service in 2022. Although no official information has been circulated about it, we can expect 4K version of her games. However, Xbox has already confirmed that Game Pass will have an app that will be located in various Smart TV. Xbox players will then be able to access the games without their consoles.


One Xbox stick It will also be on the way. It will allow access to Game Pass on TV even if the latter is not compatible with the official app.

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Enhanced version of Xbox Series S.

It’s true that the Xbox Series S was released not too long ago in 2020, but it will likely receive an improvement in 2022. According to YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead, the AMD 6nm chip will be integrated on console this year. This update can unlock the full RDNA 2 24 CU GPU, according to Wccftech. A new design was also discussed.

A portable Xbox?

Now that Xbox Game Pass has embraced xCloud technology, you may be able to access Private games directly on your smartphone In 2022. Microsoft is even considering a gaming laptop like the Nintendo Switch so that its gamers can enjoy games on the go.

But Xbox portables are not a necessity, since the day after steam surface It will already support Xbox Game Pass. However, this does not prevent us from hoping for it Third-party games are coming to the platform.

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