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Google Pixel Fold: Google’s foldable smartphone launched at the end of the year?

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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The foldable smartphone is the latest in the phone segment, with Samsung taking the top spot, as we’ve seen again with the latest Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Currently available in promotion -. But in this sector, we have seen many competitors enter the race. Thus, Xiaomi gave birth to the first Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold, and on the other side of the Google world, it also moved into the game, with the Google Pixel Fold Some rumors have arrived next fall. And they seem to have hit the mark if we are to believe this new leak.

In fact, leaker David Naranjo, who is also a senior manager at Display Supply Chain Consultants, Announces the official release of this smartphone website google browser For the last quarter of 2021. This device should take advantage of the OLED LTPO display (allowing better picture and lower power consumption). As a reminder, previous rumors claimed that the Google Pixel Fold will arrive with a design very close to that of Samsung’s Z Folds, with a screen locked from the outside to the inside. Newcomer who will help The popularization of foldable smartphones ?

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