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Here’s what your eye color says about your personality according to science

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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To conduct this study, scientists studied a group of volunteers, 458 people to be exact. They found that there is indeed a link between the genes for our eye color and those of our frontal lobes. ” Neurologically, the eye is so closely connected to the brain that it is arguably the only part of our brain that is visible from the outside. It appears to contain key clues about the function of our brain Explains Dr. Anthony Fallon of the University of Edinburgh, who has also studied the links between the eye and personality.

Dark brown/black eyes

Dark eyes are mysterious or discreet while being very satisfying. However, they tend to drink more than others at the same time they keep fit with sports. Energetic and energetic, they are restless too. They are trustworthy and responsible people. Sometimes self-confident, sometimes spiritual, they are very optimistic and passionate people in life. They do their best in everything they do in both professional and personal life. It’s hard for them to open up to others but once they do, they invest in the happiness of their loved ones.

The blue eyes

You have great inner and physical strength that few see. You are said to be weak or shy, but you are also intelligent and enthusiastic. Very generous and willing to learn, you take responsibility for what you do and say. You love to solve problems and it is a very good advice for your friends. Extroverted by nature, you are considered wise, romantic, and a bit of a dreamer.

gray eyes

This rare color makes you an exceptional person. There are two aspects to you that make you a multi-talented person. Creative and passionate, no one can stand in your way. You like to impose yourself and get ahead while being kind.

green eyes

Sexy and seductive, you are so mysterious and that’s what makes you so charming. You are calm but unpredictable around the edges. You also know how to get angry when you need to. Very generous and inquisitive, you inspire the joy of living among those around you. However, you can get very jealous quickly.

honey eyes

Unique and hard to define, you love being surrounded by good people. Calm and thoughtful by nature, you keep a certain mystery. Independent, confident and spontaneous are traits that will suit you perfectly. You love adventure and you are very brave. On the other hand, your romantic relationships don’t last long and you often have digestive issues. You tend to keep everything to yourself and are very independent.

brown eyes

Loyalty, respect and kindness are the hallmarks of your personality. You cannot make a decision without thinking about it for a long time. You are sociable, creative and very adventurous. Material things are of no value to you. You are a wonderful romantic.

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