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How to delete personal data stored on a website on Google Chrome

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With the update of the Google Chrome Chrome 97 browser, it was noticed that the security of users, whether on smartphones, tablets or computers, is now a priority. To do this, it is now possible to delete all personal data held by the website.

We can never repeat it enough, but it is important not to share our personal data on the web.

And sometimes, with just one click, we share information, like our location, and that can be dangerous.

When browsing the web using Google Chrome, it is possible that our shared personal data may be inadvertently deleted.

How to remove our personal data from the web

1. In Google Chrome, click Three dots on the top right, then on Settings

2. Press Security and privacy, then on Site settings

Step 2 Delete personal data from Google Chrome

3. Click View permissions and data stored on websites

Step 3 Delete Google Chrome Personal Data

4. Then two options are presented:

  • If we want to delete all info For all sites, click Erase all data
  • If we want to delete Data from a specific website, Click on Three vertical points Next to the respective site, then erase data

Steps 4 Delete personal data from Google Chrome

google chrome update

To access Delete Personal Data, you must have the latest version of Google Chrome, Chrome 97. To download it, there is nothing simpler:

1. In Google Chrome, click Three vertical points, at the top left of the screen

2. Press assistant, then on About Google Chrome

Google Chrome Internet Browser Update

3. Click google chrome update

4. Click to restartRestart the browser with the new version. (Note: If our browser is already up to date, there will be no button google chrome update, as shown in the image below)

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