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hurry. Herve Poirier: “Science is a way to tell the world”

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Maria Gill
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All members of the Epsilon editorial board are from Science & Vie. Can’t you leave your readers without good scientific information?

Hervey BoweryWe believe, undoubtedly stronger today, that science is at the heart of the world. It is a scientific being, Covid, that has disturbed the world in all its dimensions!

Looking to reassure your readers?

Herve Poirier You must have a scientific culture to understand the world you live in. Science is not an object of knowledge or questioning, but a tool that allows you to form an opinion. Because if science turns, it also analyzes and reveals.

This is not another magazine offered by…

Herve Poirier We thought there was room for a journal to assume that science doesn’t interest us as such, and that it’s a way to tell the world. We like off the bench, white coats… anything that makes readers think it’s none of their business.

More than promotion, are you advocating a public takeover of science?

Herve Poirier Yeah. We do not want to be ranked with other scientific journals. In the same way that journalists who deal with economics, sports and culture find themselves at the center of the news, in all editors, for a year and a half, science or health journalists have occupied a place. Everywhere, including in the general press, these services are set to expand.

Almost 28,000 subscribers follow you. who are you talking to?

Herve Poirier There is a community that has followed us since then science and competition, But also new readers. We are targeting adults instead, although a 16-year-old can find things in it Epsilon. But we tried to get rid of the childish aspect. Sometimes things get complicated, and their simplicity betrays them.

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