Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix, Verstappen cheer

Hamilton was penalized for 10 seconds for the crash with Verstappen. Despite this penalty, the Briton managed to come back and then overtake Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) on lap 50 out of 52, to the delight of 140 thousand spectators.

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) completed the podium, while Kipker Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) finished eighth.

It’s a dream for me todayHamilton said. received best fans, before Tom Cruise congratulated him personally, then took to the podium for the British anthem.

Lewis Hamilton has won the British Grand Prix for the eighth time.

Photo: Getty Images/Michael Regan

The seven-time world champion remains second in the championship behind Verstappen. But he is back to a small eight points in the standings, while he was 33 times behind before this 10th round out of 23.

He has not won since May 8 in Spain. Since then, Verstappen has won four out of five races.

Verstappen and colère

The turn of events certainly did not satisfy Verstappen, who believed his rival was working dangerous maneuver showed himselfظهر Disrespectful and unsportsmanlike While celebrating his victory in the hospital.

I’m glad I’m fine. I am so disappointed that I came out that way (in the first round). The penalty awarded (Hamilton) does not help us and does not reflect Lewis’ dangerous dribble on the track. Attending these ceremonies while the pilot(s) is still in the hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior, but we are moving forward.The Dutchman said on Twitter.

It was Verstappen They were taken to a local hospital for further preventive testingAfter the first examination, By Doctors at Silverstone Circuit Medical CenterRed Bull announced. The pilot wrote on Twitter in the evening that he had left the hospital.

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He was able to get out of his car quickly, but was clearly in shock after the very violent crash on the first lap. The two competitors were racing for neck and neck at every turn after a stunning start. But during Hamilton’s overtaking maneuver, the two collided.

Hamilton managed to stay in the race, but Verstappen hit the safety barriers.

I didn’t really see the pictures. I saw a quick snippet of it when I got back to the garage, but I’ll have time to do that and think about it. But from my point of view, right now, I don’t think I have any reason to apologize for anythingHamilton said shortly after his victory.

I heard Max was in the hospital, and that obviously worries me. None of us want any of us to get hurt one day, that wasn’t my intention of course. So, I really hope he’s okay. I will call him later. It’s important for all of us to step back, because feelings are strongBritish follower.

The next Grand Prix will be held in Hungary on August 1.

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