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Hygienic compliance: Drummond Hospital Board of Directors criticized

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According to these people demanding anonymity, many MRC Drummond employees still work at the organization’s headquarters, contrary to the spirit of the government decree of 17 December.

Remember, this decree makes telecommuting mandatory with the exception of workers whose physical presence is deemed necessary by the employer.

However, many MRC Drummond employees are monitored when the offices are closed, which we noticed on Monday at around 4:00 PM.

The general manager explains

According to the organization’s director general, Gabriel Río, many employees come to the office, but for very short periods. We are keeping everyone well, but it can give the impression that they are working full time in the administrative center, while this is not the case at all., He explains.

There are times in the week like Monday morning when the evaluation service to prepare for their week (members) is present on Monday and they distribute the presence hours, Mr. Ryo specifies. They come to take their equipment and information to perform their week in the field. There’s more, but in a very short time.

Employee retirement dinner

In addition, an email sent by the general manager of the Drummond Migrant Resource Center to staff on January 15 raises questions.

The latter requires them to wear the mask indoors from January 18 when physical distancing is not possible, while a government decree has been requesting it since last July.

This is a reminder of instructions already issued especially for new employees reviewing Mr. Ryo, who also confirms that a retirement dinner was held at the MRC building on January 8th.

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He said it was briefly highlighted by the retirement of an employee who spent 33 years in service. We did that by occupying the largest room, allowing us to distance ourselves and emphasizing very briefly this retirement, and we took all precautions.

Municipal organizations should be exemplary, says Minister André Laforst

Labor Minister Jean Bouet was unable to respond.

Via email, Minister of Municipal Affairs, André Laforst, said he expects municipal organizations to strictly comply with health standards by leading by example while maintaining essential services.

By comparison, at MRC d’Arthabaska it was mentioned that nearly 100% of 35 employees perform telework, except for a few sporadic primary presence in the office.

With information from Jean-Francois Dumas.

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