The Earth is rotating faster in 2020

2020 is the year of many records, including the speed of Earth’s rotation. This summer, July 19, 2020, the day lasted less than 24 hours. Its spin took 1.49 ms less; Accelerated. “The Paris Observatory, which looks at this whole world, counted 27 such days in 2020Journalist Jean-Christophe Patria of France 3 plateau explains, “The opposite trend is rather towards a slowing of its rotation.”1.4 billion years ago, when life first appeared, the day was 18 hours, in the time of the dinosaurs, 400 million years ago, it was 22 hours, and there is 4,000 years old, while building the pyramids, 23 hours and 59 minutesThe journalist adds.

In the 1930s, the day lasted exactly 24 hours. But in 2020, we lost 0.3ms. Scientists have studied many theories about these differences, such as the distance between the Earth and the Moon, which varies. “When the moon moves away, it slows down the earth, and when it approaches, it speeds up the earthJean specifiesChristophe Buttery. The internal movement of Earth’s magma, which creates more or less inactivity, or changes in the atmosphere that refocuses the mass toward the Earth, can accelerate its rotation.


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