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I don’t know if Putin is naive or not, Zelensky said in Davos

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I dont want to talk to anyone. I don’t even know if he (Putin) is still naive. I don’t know who decides how to be a group of people. When we talk about ants’ conversations, Zelensky said, I don’t understand at all who I’m talking about. In this regard, he referred to Putin’s recent television appearances, which, according to experts, were the Russian world in a fake background.

The so-called color clown technique allows you to photograph objects or people in the foreground and then add a specially illustrated background to them. The BBC notes that, according to experts, this is how, for example, a video of a newborn speech by Putin was created, in which a group of Russian soldiers stands behind the president.

The last time Putin appeared on television was on Wednesday when Visited St. Petersburg. In the western Russian city, who remembered the breaking of the Nazi blockade as a kind of wolf of the world, laid wreaths and flowers at the memorial on the shores of Russian television, met the soldiers at the Zbrogasky mine and confirmed it. Russian invasion of Ukraine is inevitable.

Russian forces invaded Ukraine on Putin’s orders last year on the 24th. Fighting on Ukrainian soil has been going on for 11 months, while peace talks, on the other hand, collapsed in the spring of last year, and negotiations have not been resumed since then. Moscow and Kiev both claim that the other side is setting unacceptable conditions.

Thus Zelensky accused Putin that his invasion of Ukraine had further inflamed relations between Ukrainians and Russians. The Ukrainian president concluded that he will go down in history as the person who deepened the gap.

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