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Alan Binder
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iRozhlas server published Two valid documents. On the one hand, it is the working version of the full anti-disinformation law, and on the other hand, it is published by Jana Fia, editor of the first section and oversight in government. Let’s take the second. It’s a matter of making a decision, you know sixty odmt Thanks to editor Jan Cibulka for providing information about the planned fight against disinformation, as well as a list of people and organizations, they’re complete. Strunk material decides the future completely sixty odmtnout enough change Jellicoe, I’m quoting you, it’s just a matter of fact basis for discussion, and by jinm mst, New information prepared for future preparations will be identified. As for the list of people and organizations, the editor of Veea claims not to know about it.

Despite this, the radio station received one copy of the document, the first document, the author of the link stated, he has the ability to send a new copy. But due to the nature of the source, it is not disclosed.’ The public document does contain many lessons that we don’t already know and that DenkN was the first to write. At the time, a passport worth one hundred and fifty million crowns attracted the most attention, supposed to be ironed out by good copper and a hardworking non-profit organization, I succumb to petty misinformation. From here I concluded at the time that the main purpose of this thing was to pump pensions out of the state coffers and give them to misguided friends and editors. What I think to this day, but it’s just a composite.

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The document, which the government refused to release, as a basis for discussion, and it would be a very democratic discussion if anyone intervened in it, refers to the EU documents, among others. Code of Anti-Disinformation Laws and its final version.” Main articles and full text available on the website Today Mr. Via is a fortified paragraph Behold the documents Practically contain what was on the radio As representative of the independent press Get it informally: disinformation Web sites should be destroyed financially (in the Orwellian novel, devalue And automatic pekladae, it’s nice to put it that way demonization) And vice versa, pensions should be sprinkled with truth protection.

Don’t you have a wild imagination to imagine how Putin locates and supports the oil factories, it must look like a newsroom, there are young people busy and they will go to the consoles and they will make up imaginary lies and half-truths and through they will send them through their channels and to the other side like a newsroom, where young people spit things out, and then after Witnesses, analyzes, recommendations and send them to where? In order for state institutions and state-owned companies to stop placing advertisements on selected sites, a government order must be created that suits them, which is good, an informational and informational order will be served, how do you like it?

The funny thing about this is that the purpose should be to send the door to the institution. Our institution does some great work under the pretense of preparing for the discussion, so that no one will find out, and the public broadcaster will have to tear the document out of its claws and present it to the public. If this is the root of evil, it is beyond pale. which, by God, is transferrable even whence it came, that is, somewhere in Brussels: note that this token, too, is not approved as a serious indication.

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Pklad ze vota

These days, a billboard promoting Pape’s candidacy has attracted attention, suggesting to the public that Peter Pavel will lead us to a wolf. The bulletin board is put together by BigBoard. What a world, memories? In 2009, advertising agency Big Board lent their ad space to the “No basic” campaign, sabotaging Radar’s establishment in Brdy. BIS has always been interested in this agency (See an example here) and wrote about the unclear property structure and its relations with Russia. Without avail.

And we have it all in the palm of our hands. There is a great danger that we will have another boss in the castle who will be a disgusting person. BIS was interested at the time, but the Russians, through their agents and the help of goons, managed to sabotage the radar. We are clearly helpless and the state clearly cannot intervene even if the state’s defenses are threatened.

It would be more serious to produce toothless documents (Brussels law contains almost 50 pages of text) and they would go to their pension.

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