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“I was a little disappointed” – Xavier Ullet

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When announcing who would make up his reserve team, Claude Julian made sure to specify that nothing had been put in stone. Youngsters like Ryan Poehling and Cale Fleury needed to see some action, so they could be brought back to Laval when Rocket season begins.

Under normal circumstances, it is doubtful whether they would start the campaign with the official list of 23 men.

Wouldn’t the team management have preferred to send the young players to continue their training with Joel Bouchard?

Instead, wouldn’t we have preferred to find Xavier Ouellet and Alex Belzile, who honestly defended the Habs’ colors in the Toronto bubble during the tournament?

Veterans have clearly long since realized that it is best not to worry so much about decisions that they have no control over, except for those related to showing their best.

“I was a little disappointed, but was informed that there will be a lot of personnel movement this year. It’s a difficult season to predict, so it’s better to go day by day,” Owett said, on the sidelines of the official opening of the missile camp.

“Now I am here. We are training at the Bell Center. I am not wasting my time. We will see what happens. I will stay ready,” added the person who will act again as the commander of the missile.

“I am getting better every year”

Belziel, for his part, surprised everyone a little by convincing Claude Julian to make him wear the Canadian uniform for six of the tournament’s ten matches. Six meetings in which he did well, despite limited play time.

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However, this apparently wasn’t enough to convince Mark Bergevin, who has signed contracts with two famous veterans Michael Frolick and Corey Perry to ensure depth in the reserve team when needed. .

These are things that I have no control over. Seasons are long. Bilzel said many things could happen, especially in a year like this. I don’t consider myself any worse than the player I was last year. On the contrary, I am getting better every year. I’ve proven that I can play in the National Hockey League and that my streak can be dominant. “

We can understand it. In addition to these two former Stanley Cup champions, the general manager has lined up his training sessions with Tyler Toffoli (another former Precious Cup winner) and Josh Anderson. There is a lot of traffic in the future.

“The focus on depth is a very positive thing for the organization. Not all of its teams are like the Canadian. You can see the results on the ice,” said the 29-year-old striker.

Camp Guhle et Mysak au

At the end of the big club camp, Ouellet and Belzile continued to train with their Rocket mates, on orders from Bouchard.

The latter, who is not without praise when it comes time to talk about these two players, added a layer on Friday afternoon.

The two played in the bubble last summer. They are monitoring the reserve team and instead of asking why they are not there, they work and want to make sure they are ready. The Rocket Rocket coach said, ‘They would be if they got the call.

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Bouchar will receive 32 players at Camp Rocket which will be held primarily at the Bell Center. Among them, we find Kaiden Guhle and Ian Mysak.

In the first and second round of the Canadians in the last draft, the 18-year-old skaters are still young. They got permission to join the Rocket due to the inactivity of the Canadian junior arenas where they play.

Divergent calendar

Meanwhile, Major League Soccer has confirmed that its regular season will start on February 5 by publishing a summary schedule for the upcoming campaign.

A varied schedule as some teams will play 44 games, others 24 and others 36. Meanwhile, Canadian teams are still waiting to see who their opponents will be.

“We are in an epidemic. There are now a lot of abnormalities. We never thought about trying a curfew in Quebec,” Bouchard recalls. We are going through something different and our goal is to adapt. It is normal for the information to appear scanty. “

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