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If Putin does not back down, he will be overthrown by soldiers or oligarchs, like Zeman.

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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I will tell him in a completely stupid way to withdraw the army from Ukraine. Nobody wants him to admit his mistake with words and beat his chest. Zeman announced in an interview with the site Lightning.

The second round will not be so dramatic, Pavel and Papi will be clean, and I will be Zeman

He added that although he was aware that the matter was not honest, he had no other message for him.

It is not possible that if he stays in Ukraine, he will be overthrown by the soldiers, because you are losing to Ukraine and you have the feeling that this is because the country’s political leadership is weak and you do not support them enough, or, on the contrary, it will be overthrown by businessmen, the so-called oligarchs, Zeman added. , who have a very justified feeling that the sanctions against Russia, including the confiscation of yachts and the like, seriously harm their interests.

According to him, this event will take place in the medium term. I don’t have an exact date, if I did, I’d stick to it. But as long as my stupid classics are gone, we are all dead, Zeman added.

In the interview, he spoke about his two relationships with the Russian head of state. It was based on economic diplomacy, because at that time Russia was a supplier of very cheap energy raw materials. Because I want to win economic benefits, I had no reason to rebel against Putin in any way. After the invasion of Ukraine, the red line was crossed, explaining the change in his position.

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From Crimea as a fait accompli to Putin as a leader

In the past, Zeman was known for his pro-Russian stance and was one of the politicians who publicly expressed his understanding of the actions of the Putin regime. A few days before the invasion, for example, in an interview with MF DNES, he said that he did not believe that Russia would really invade Ukraine. After what happened a year ago, he condemned the regime.

In this way, Russia will commit a crime against peace, according to V.I In an extraordinary speech two days after the start of the invasion. He called Putin a coward and added that the coward needs to isolate himself and not defend himself against him with words only, but with concrete actions.

In an interview with Svobodn Evropa radio in April, he echoed the words in which he described Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea as a consistent mistake. When I declared Crimea a fait accompli, I said it at the right moment and for the right audience. Zeman said at the time that I had never suspected that Russia occupied Crimea in violation of international law and it was true.

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