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If you want to buy a car, you will have to be patient

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Parts shortages are slowing vehicle production in Quebec, and dealers are inundated.

Montreal dealerships are nearly empty due to very late vehicle delivery times.

“Our agency usually has 150 new cars in its showroom, and we currently have 15. That’s unheard of!” Denis Leclerc, president of ALBI Le Géant, surprised on air on LCN during the “À vos affaires” program.

Production times are significantly delayed because the parts needed to assemble and produce the vehicle cannot be supplied.

“For gasoline, we’re talking about 90 days, if there’s no such change, because the parts are in China and if the containers don’t arrive, manufacturers have a lot of challenge to put the parts together to make a vehicle,” he explained.

For a car like the Kia Seltos, the wait “a couple of weeks ago was about 60 to 75 days,” the dealer adds.

The reserves of demo cars, or those available for immediate sale, are so low that it is now impossible to go to a dealer for a direct item.

“We usually have around 300 vehicles here, and today we have four new vehicles, including one of our employees,” Mr. Leclerc said with regret.

However, all the vehicles provided are necessary to be used in the demonstration.

“It’s not about friends and it’s not about friends, I need the car to show it off,” he continued.

It is currently difficult to find several types of parts that are important for the manufacture of a car. This is particularly the case for microchips, batteries, and accessories such as red leather, which are not available for some brands.

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