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Immigration Canada has sued for long processing times

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Our goal is to make things happen. We’re talking about the people who actually work here, who are incorporatedfrankly announces Stephanie Valois, President of the Quebec Association of Immigration Lawyers (AQAADI).

I wrote to Immigration Minister Sean Fraser on February 23. But apart from the acknowledgment of receipt, no response has yet been given by Justin Trudeau’s government. Accordingly, a petition, a copy of which was obtained by Radio Canada, was filed in the Federal Court.

There are people who have been waiting since 2018 or 2019. Unfortunately, we no longer have a choice. These people have been waiting too long. »

Quote from Stephanie Valois, President of AQAADI

Immigration Canada is in the spotlight due to processing times that applicants and experts consider unreasonable.

Photo: Radio Canada/Ivano Demers

Lead time up to 40 months

According to the website of the Federal Department of Immigration, processing times are currently, on average, 28 months for skilled workers in Quebec (TQQ), compared to 6 months for similar programs in other provinces.

However, even these delays Not fair They are often overshadowed, denouncing these immigration experts.

One of my clients has had no response for 40 months. Out of desperation and as a last resort to go to courtargues attorney Guillaume Clich Rivard.

The door is wide open for discussion. We know Immigration Canada has the capacity to process these files, but we feel a lack of will. »

Quote from Guillaume Clich Rivard, immigration attorney

According to AQAADI, nearly 25,000 files of workers already selected by Quebec are awaiting a response from the federal government. It can easily affect 50,000 peopledetails Stephanie Valois, who regrets the complicated communications with the Department of Immigration.

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These people try to follow up, to get answers from Immigration Canada, but get nothing, she says. Part of the problem and the resulting stress is the inability of applicants to know when their file will be finished or if it will one day be out. They have their lives on hold.

Files are no longer processed in the order in which they are accessed, the attorney continues. We’re seeing files from 2020 in progress, but not 2018 files. It’s as if there were [existait] Lottery for permanent residence.

Sean Fraser speaking in the House of Commons.

Sean Fraser is the Federal Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Fred Chartrand

timetable Clear And the Responsible claimed

By claiming to represent general interest And those thousands of pending files, AQAADI is asking the court to give priority to the oldest files, within three to six months, according to immigration limits set by the Quebec government.

We also require that a general, clear, orderly, chronological, and reasonable treatment schedule be established. We must make sure that these immigration applications are treated fairlycontinues Guillaume Clich Rivard.

Inviting him to respond, Secretary Sean Fraser’s office did not respond to Radio Canada’s requests.

But the minister, who took office this fall after the last federal election, has already expressed his wish Update Canadian immigration system.

This is his Top priorityhe said at the end of January, adding that he was aware of it The processing times were very frustrating for many people.

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