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In Canada, Bitcoin is heating your home through mining

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Bitcoin Mockup Test! North Vancouver will be the first city in the world to be heated by Bitcoin by the end of 2022. Energy resource Lonsdale Energy Company Associated with Mint, a Canadian company specializing in green mining technologies. Together, they will provide residents with an innovative heating solution in Low carbon emissions Thanks to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining, an energy opportunity?

North Vancouver is a small city of 50,000 people located in British Columbia, near the border with the United States. It is home to about a hundred residential and commercial buildings attached to a hydro power system. Behind this barbaric word simply hides the hot water circulation system for heat transfer. However, this is produced by conventional natural gas fired boilers.

Geographical location of North Vancouver

Since 2019, the city council has taken the issue of global warming very seriously. The city has taken action to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Net zero by 2050! The goal is clear: get rid of natural gas and embrace green energy. To do this, it works with the general energy supplier, Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC). Committed to this decarbonization process, LEC has already implemented some geothermal and solar energy resources. However, they are constantly on the lookout for innovation and are preparing in 2022 to add a streak to their arc. The Bitcoin mining.

LEC has decided to partner with MintGreen, a Bitcoin mining company fromClean and renewable energies. The note is simple. They should ban their digital kettles 20 thousand tons of greenhouse gases per megawatt of energy that ends up in the atmosphere. Something to relieve a little bit of our already carbon dioxide filled atmosphere.

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Bitcoin mining, towards an environmental shift?

Bitcoin mining is slowly making its way into the minds of companies in the energy sector. It must be said that the promise is beautiful. Digital boilers recover as heat More than 96% electricity used to mine bitcoin. As long as the electricity in question is green, the opportunity is huge.

Colin Sullivan, CEO of MintGreen, to explain There is no way to green up bitcoin mining in partnership with them BC Hydro. 97% of the energy mix in BC Hydro is hydroelectric. Harnessing this energy through mining actually makes it green in itself. Reusing that same energy converted into heat makes the process greener. The energy produced by hydroelectric dams is used twice!

A symbol of energy recycling, towards greener bitcoin mining.

Moreover, the Bitcoin miners It operates 365 days a year. Thus, it ensures a permanent source of energy for the North Vancouver region. LEC CEO Karsten Veng said:

“Being a partner of MintGreen on this project is very exciting for LEC, in that it is an innovative and competitive project, and reinforces the path that LEC has taken to support the ambitious goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the city’s greenhouse.”

Carsten Feng, CEO of LEC

For his part, Sullivan highlights the efforts of the LEC and the city of North Vancouver in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

“The complex problem of climate change requires innovative solutions, and the LEC, along with the city of North Vancouver, is showing remarkable leadership in environmental stewardship.”

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Colin Sullivan, CEO of MintGreen

In a world where the environmental question is on everyone’s lips and policies are put in place to move towards clean energies, bitcoin mining can emerge as a One of the solutions.

The UN climate report, published on August 9, 2021, warns of “severe” impacts. future climate change. Cities around the world are tightening carbon and tax regulations. When used correctly, bitcoin mining can enable the development and use of the greenest energy on the planet. A highly concrete use case will be implemented by the company ConocoPhillips through the use of burning gas for bitcoin mining.

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