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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
"Total creator. Evil zombie fan. Food evangelist. Alcohol practitioner. Web aficionado. Passionate beer advocate."

Every Monday, a character tells us about his favorite shows. This week, we’re talking to comedian Cathy Gauthier, who will be presenting her fourth one woman show, Worthy classic.

Mark Cassivi

Mark Cassivi


On ICI Extra


Eric Bruno in diverse

I am watching the third season of diverse I love that either. Stéphane Lapointe’s production is fantastic. The actors are very good and all the characters are well defined and very likable. Even Eric Bruno, who plays the villain, we love him. Want to be friends with! They are big names: Guy Nadon, Isabelle Blaise, Emile Prolix Cloutier. I don’t understand why we don’t hear more about it. I think it’s like a well-kept secret on Radio Canada. I find this wonderful. ”


on Netflix

Image provided by Netflix

Omar CV lupine

” With lupineOn Netflix, we’re somewhere else. It is sewed with white thread, with rose water, but I think it is a good entertainment. It is well listened to. Omar Sy, it’s a fantasy! He is the most beautiful man in the universe! Just to watch him play, I love it. And then, we see a lot of pictures of Paris. It’s nice to watch. Looks like we’re on a little trip. In times of epidemic, you feel good. ”

next position

In Novo every Thursday at 8 pm.

Photo provided by NOOVO

Host Prochain standand Mary Lynne Juncas with Judges B. Methot, Mariana Mazza and Louis Morissette

“I am very interested in the next generation in humor, so the show next positionI think it was done really well. Comments are correct. I think Mary Lynne Juncas moves really well. It’s really interesting. I love discovering new talents. It keeps me up to date with what’s going on in my community. ”

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