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In Iqaluit, Arctic Poetry Festival ‘Meet the Other’ Held

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Poetry Workshops, Video Contest, Four Championships, Poetry Evening: The proposed activities aim to make poetry accessible and shared by all. Love of language in all its formsdescribes the festival’s founder and director, André Beaupre.

The love of words transcends languages, it is the love of life and poetry that lives in usHe said. The festival is very much in a multicultural and intercultural direction, where there are exchanges between other cultures.

André Beaupré is the Francophone behind the Mots sur la Tundra Festival, which was launched in March 2020 in Iqaluit.

Photo: Radio Canada/Mattis Harvey

André Beaupré hopes to receive poems in both Inuktitut and English for his evening show of words on the tundra on March 26. I really have one wish: that we can do a show where we can translate poems in Inuktitut into French and vice versa.he is referring to.

The first edition of the festival was born in March 2020 in the form of a virtual evening of dropping poems in the tundra. André Beaupre believes that relaxation in health measures cool frame With the theme of this year’s edition.

Among the novelties, he adds, the festival presents a cinematic evening during which the film will be shown. My name is BushraAnd the By Abenaki Director Kim O’Bomsawim.

Franco-Nunavois Thomas Houle, 10, will participate in the evening of the speeches for the second year in a row. Last year I wrote several poems with my friendsHe says. It mostly rhymed with our names.

If he says he hasn’t written the poem he will present this year yet, Thomas Hall plans to write some verses inspired by Lego bricks, toys he particularly likes.

Boy standing on the snow.

Thomas Hall, 10, plans to write and present a poem for the second year in a row.

Photo: Radio Canada/Mattis Harvey

Her father, Simone Hall, who also works as a teacher at École des Trois Soleils in Iqaluit, believes the festival is a positive initiative that meets a community need. It is definitely a plus for the community.he argues.

It welcomes the efforts made by André Beaupre to renew this Francophone event over the past three years.

When there are people who are really ready, who arrive in town and have a lot of good ideas, these people create big projects.He said. But sometimes these projects disappear because people are leaving.

Hair is ubiquitous in nature. Just looking at the tundra…it’s a hair in itself. Nunavut, I think is a perfect place to talk about poetry. »

Quote from Simon Holle: Founded in Iqaluit 11 years ago

Poems by poets and writers Josephine Bacon and David Goudreau will also be broadcast during the evening of the show.

The Festival of Words on the Tundra takes place in Iqaluit from March 14 to 26.

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