in pictures | Cargo ship burning for 6 days

Swedish police said, on Friday, that the tanker Almirante Storne, whose cargo of timber caught fire for six days off the west coast of Sweden, will be towed to the port of Gothenburg in an attempt to control the fire. .

Significant resources, including reinforcements from several countries including Norway, have been deployed since the fire started on Saturday at the front of this 177-meter vessel with 17 crew on board.

France Press agency

Several rescue vessels have been deployed and are constantly on board the Liberian-flagged cargo ship, owned by German ship owner NSC Holding.

The ship’s captain has so far refused to abandon the ship as Coast Guard firefighters take turns.

France Press agency

No injuries were reported and the fire was no longer spreading, but the ambulance was unable to put it out.

The cargo ship has so far docked a few miles off the coast of the Gothenburg archipelago, Sweden’s largest port. From there it must arrive on Saturday to dock, according to the Coast Guard.

France Press agency

The risk of contamination is considered to be minimal, as fire occurs far from tanks containing 600 tons of fuel, just like a shipwreck fire. Bad weather in the middle of the week complicated rescue operations.

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