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In the cinema. With “The Visitor from the Future”, French science fiction presents its best face

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Florent Doren (The Visitor). (© Pyramid Productions)

The web series The Visitor from the Future started on Youtube a few years ago and is now on the big screen. It does not matter whether you are addicted to this series or not, The movie under the title is completely independent of this movie.

Welcome to 2555…

So we’re at 2555, tomorrow in a nutshell. Earth, in a post-apocalyptic state, Literally dying from a series of nuclear explosions, climate change etc. But the coming centuries developed knowledge that allows time travel. So we meet a visitor from the future whose mission is to go back in time to try to stop the more suspicious construction of a nuclear power plant. Unfortunately, it is not counted On the frightening battalions of time accused To chase him so as not to create a time paradox, basically not to change history.

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real success

François Descrais’ first feature is a real success. Not only does he revisit SF by blending it with action/comedy/suspense/emotion/humor/sound effects, but he subtly introduces an environmental theme that can only challenge us as much as it enhances it with an unexpected, that is, intergenerational bias. conflict. On the one hand, there is a politician who manages the immediate consequences and mocks the consequences to come, and on the other hand his daughter who sees much further.

Fun engraving and first-class comedians

Perfectly crafted and edited movie highlights, as well as entertaining cameos (McFly and Oli, David Marsais, Monsieur Poulpe…) Leading French actors. Is alsoArnaud Ducrete (is the politician), Enya Baru (ecological daughter), Florent Doren (The visitor) but also Raphael Descrack (Brother, here is totally insane) And many others are downright elated.

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Robert Pinaver

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A visitor from the future.
Director: François Descrack.
With: Florent Dorin, Arnaud Ducret, Enya Barrow …
Duration: 1h42.
Genre: Science Fiction

Three Questions, directed by François Descrack

On the sidelines of the film’s release, and on the occasion of the film’s crew’s visit to the Pink City, Acto Toulouse met the director of “A Visitor from the Future”, François Descrack.

How did you discover science fiction?
It was 1995, when I was 10, that my father gave me a novel. The second book I read. She immediately followed up with 2001, Space Odyssey, Blade Runner and then Back to the Future.

What is SF’s place in the French cinema panorama?
Both professionals and the public believe that this field is purely American. This is not true because there are other cinemas, Japanese and English in particular, which makes SF excellent. What is true, on the other hand, is that the French language is often dark and pessimistic and therefore not very popular.

Why choose Arnaud Ducret?
It was my first choice. He is able to be this politician who is close to the people, who dislikes but is loved. My reference is clearly Jacques Chirac. Arnaud blended perfectly into the team, and knew how to find his right score without pulling the lid on him. I must also say it was very “all inclusive”…in terms of budget.


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