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A movie is in preparation about the Wali’s sniper

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The life of Wally, this Quebec sniper who spent two months alongside Ukrainian fighters, could be at the center of a feature film set in the United States.

Posted on August 9

Stephanie Moren

Stephanie Moren

According to the site LimitProducer Dean Tolmore, to whom we owe the Netflix documentary Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Battle for FreedomShe is currently working on a film project based on the life of a man who calls himself Wally. The script of the film – its working title is good fight Co-written by Nicholas Klein.

Wali is a former soldier in the Royal Air Force 22e A regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces that fought notably in Afghanistan and who volunteered with Kurdish forces in their fight against the Islamic State. At the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine, he spent two months in the field, mainly in the Donbass, providing assistance to the forces of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

good fight It will tell the story of a US Navy veteran visiting Ukraine to see his son. In the face of the attack of the Russian army, he will decide to take up arms again, especially in the hope of repairing bridges with his son. Note that the real governor’s family lives in the greater Montreal area…

Dean Tolmore said, “I want to present this story from a Western point of view.” Limit. It doesn’t matter if the character is Canadian or American. It will be the story of a man who has a different attitude and finds himself embroiled in the conflict in Ukraine. »

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The financial package for the project will already be partially completed. The producer hopes to begin filming later this year.

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