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In the evening, with IMT Mines Alès, science comes out of the laboratories to be accessible to all

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Three appointments were proposed, from 22 May to 24 May, in the capital of Cévennes, in the Urban Parc and in the P’tit Resto Le Corner.

After trying the “Pint of Science” experiment in 2022, IMT Mines Alès is doing it again this year. From May 22-24, Creating Higher Education joins the largest science propagation festival on the planet, the principle of letting all learn while enjoying researchers. You see Asia Tria the director there, “an opportunity”to its employees, “Get out of our walls and meet the Alesian crowd” approaching, “Simply and always with talent and a good sense of humour, scientific subjects of interest to a wide audience”. The conferences also include activities that give the public the opportunity to participate.

For this, two places, “Friendly in the heart of the city”, Selected: Urban Parc (UP), located on Marcel-Paul Street, and P’tit Resto Le Corner on Carnot Street.

Brain, biodiversity, minerals and space

Two dates are scheduled at UP. This Monday, at 7 p.m., the theme for the evening is “Mind and Movement in Check.” Educators and researchers Gerard Dray and Pierre Slangin will focus on those using digital technology for health and sport, capturing body movements and brain signals to develop new therapeutic approaches. Then, on Wednesdays, always at the same time, the topic will be “Biodiversity, Productivity: Do They Necessarily Oppose?”. The evening will tend to show that engineering, in the field of chemistry or digital technology, attempts to improve the use or reuse of natural resources. Four speakers are expected: Grégory Zacharewicz and Nicolas Daclin, teacher-researchers, Benjamin Gallard, research engineer, and Fabien Liagre, founder of Scop Agroof.

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As for the audience of P’tit Resto Le Corner, entitled “From Stone to the Stars”, this Tuesday, from 7 pm, they will be interested in the minerals that make up the planet, whether it is diamonds or quartz from the beaches. It will be directed by geologist Hervé Jacomin, Violine Sutter, researcher at the CNRS in planetary geology, and the School of Astronomy at Alès, who will then, weather permitting, organize sky observations.

Attention, it is necessary to register in advance to attend these evenings, which last until 10:30 pm, on the website Registrations entitle you to one entry and one drink.

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