At the Sciences Po Grenoble Institute, “Mrs. D.” Counterattack after the Inspectorate General’s report

A student demonstration against Islamophobia, in front of the Sciences Po Grenoble building, in Saint-Martin-d'Hères (Isère), March 9, 2021.

There is still a long way to go to appeasement, in Science Po Grenoble, two months after the publication of Report of the General Inspectorate of Education, Sports and Research (Igésr), commissioned by the Minister of Higher Education, Frederic Vidal. After the discovery, on March 4, on the walls of the Institute for Political Studies (IEP) of posters accusing teachers of “fascism” and “Islamophobia” – posted by students on social networks – the Inspectors General conducted an investigation, the results of which, released on May 8, stunned Anne Laure Amelat Szari, one of the main figures in the case, called “Mrs. D.” in the report.

facts: Science Po Grenoble: Investigation launched after accusations of Islamophobia against two professors

We have to go back a few months to understand how we got there. On December 7, 2020, the professor of geography, and director of Pacte, the CNRS Social Sciences Laboratory attached to the IEP and University of Grenoble-Alpes, published a press release, stamped with the university’s logo, to take up the defense. A fellow historian, a member of Pacte, involved in a violent exchange of emails with a German professor – his name is Klaus Kinzler, will be posted on the walls of Science Po on March 4th. He resorts to the concept of “Islamophobia”. While the Pacte researcher justifies the use of a file The concept of heuristics used in the social sciencesMr. Kinzler vehemently refuses to put the term next to the words “racism” and “anti-Semitism” in the title of the debate scheduled at the IEP marking Equality Week and the Struggle Against Discrimination.

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In this press release, the management of the research laboratory accuses the German professor and considers that “Denying, in the name of a personal opinion, the validity of a colleague’s scientific findings and in all the fields to which they belong, constitutes a form of harassment and a violent moral attack.”.

“intellectual terrorism”

The Inspectorate General accuses Mrs He portrayed the controversy by placing itself in the question of research in the social sciences. and for the situation “All IEP teachers in case they have to choose their camp”. recommends against her a disciplinary summons for an interview with her superiors (the president of the university and the head of the National Center for Scientific Research), in the presence of the director of the IEP, “To formally remind him of his role as the director of the laboratory, which does not authorize him to sign a press release for a delegation from the president of the university or to interfere in the human resources management of the IIE.”. as a punishment, a “Written notification to the person concerned about the mistakes you have made in this unfortunate case will be placed in their administrative file.”, report processing.

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