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For Italians, a good day starts with coffee. This is serious business, especially in Trieste, the world’s coffee capital. Nearly two million coffee bags pass through the port every year. The International Coffee University in Trieste, owned by Ellie, is the largest food company in the city. 6000 trainees from all over the world learn the various secrets of coffee there. To prepare an Italian espresso, you need seven grams of black powder, 25 milliliters of water that flows in 25 seconds. Tasting this coffee is also a science.

70% of Trieste’s coffee production will be exported, and the rest will be consumed in Italy. On average, residents drink ten kilograms of coffee a year, twice what the French drink. Coffee is also good for your health. HDrink three cups of coffee a day, The risk of death in adults between the ages of 50 and 71 will be reduced Than 10%. It also reduces the appearance of liver cancer. “Coffee contains many antioxidant molecules, i.e. anti-inflammatories, which play this very protective role. ”Journalist Florence Griffond explains on the set of 13 Hours of France 2.

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