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Indigenous DYP: Not a Good Idea, According to Ian Lavrenier

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The idea of ​​a DYP indigenous peoples proposed by Bill C-92 would bring its share of operational problems, believes Ian Lavrinier, the minister responsible for indigenous affairs in the Quebec government.

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Mr. Lavrinière was interacting during a discussion about the entry into force of Bill C-92, which recognizes indigenous jurisdiction over children and family services.
“I’d like to take a picture of the cheese, for now, it’s the Gruyère I have. There are parts that don’t work. We will settle our disputes in court, but practically on the ground, for the good of the children, we must sit down together,” said Mr. Lavrenier.
For him, the bill would create problems and confusion on the ground for its implementation.

“Give an example. This is the Atticamic Band Council in Opicuan. I have two neighboring Atticamic Communities that have completely different systems. There the parents ask me: I live outside the community; what plan applies to me? It becomes very complicated,” explained Mr. Lavrenier.
Imagine if, in the future, we would end up with 14 different laws. How will we work together? “

He called on the various actors to sit down to find solutions, saying he was concerned about the situation. “We should not resort to politics on the backs of our children,” said the minister, who allegedly wrote to the head of the band council to communicate.

The minister also indicated that the law infringes on one of the governorates’ competencies.
“If they had that energy to help us, he could build housing in Quebec in the local communities. We have a shortfall of about 7,000 housing units and that is their specialty.”

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