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Instagram allows all its users to include links in their Stories

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On Instagram, all users can now include hyperlinks in their personal stories in the form of stickers. Previously, the feature was reserved for the most popular accounts.

Credit: Instagram

when it was launched, Instagram No one is allowed to share links. The platform has gradually expanded access to functionality by allowingux accounts with more than 10,000 followers To include links in their stories thanks to the “Swipe Up” function, but the social network will eventually make it available to all users.

Instagram specifies that links will only be available in Stories, which means users won’t always be able to Don’t share links in their classic posts. Instagram also confirmed in June that this will not change. So users will always need to use their post description if they want to share links in their feed.

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Links in Stories arrive as stickers

The functionality works similarly to any other sticker in Stories. In fact, all you have to do is click on the stickers icon at the top of the screen, scroll to the link option, select it, paste the URL, and then place the sticker on your photo or video. Unlike the Swipe Up function that allowed you to swipe up to be redirected to the respective web page, This time you will have to click on the sticker to access the link.

The tool is pretty basic at the moment, but Instagram is planning some extra customizations so you can Decide what content your followers can expect to find By clicking on the link.

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Based on information from The Verge, the feature will apparently be removed from accounts you use to share false information or hate speech, which means you’ll have to be careful about any links you share. Facebook and Instagram They are currently leading a real crusade against offensive languageSince the beginning of the year, The app also automatically filters private messages Users to hide unwanted words.

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