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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is your best game of a generation

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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This result is clearly not a surprise to observers, as Nintendo was a massive favorite in this tournament, a trend that was quickly confirmed in the first rounds. Since its release in March 2017, we have measured every day the significant impact that the latest Zelda original has had on the design of open modes, and overall video games as a whole. His commitment to the end in terms of exploration, to him Game design Based on experience, the emergence and ownership of the world, and its thousandth story to tell among the players: the many cornerstones constructed a building we imagine today as a cathedral. And even if we always find critical minds pointing to the vulnerabilities, even sometimes even within very respectful editors, it’s impossible to deny the importance of Breath of the Wild in its field, and the fact that it is an absolute reference. In the freedom it provides players.

With nearly two out of three votes against Bloodborne, we can even speak of a referendum; In the end, it’s not FromSoftware but The Witcher 3, another standard open world of this generation, which has put up the strongest resistance to it. Final before the message that has already enshrined the open world formula, poisoning the immersion it promises every time. And for those wondering about the junior final, it was Hollow Knight who won the readers ’votes in the poll. Gamekult Twitter account, In front of God of War with a bunch of voices. A platform that looks great.

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Before we move once and for all to the last page of this tournament, we take this opportunity to thank everyone who enjoyed following and moving this month’s deliberations, whether in the forums or on social media, and they failed in that. Discuss it in person. With more than sixty matches to follow and nearly thirty meetings scheduled, the company requested good coordination between the editorial staff and its readers, but we were delighted to see more and more of you respond to this initiative that we wanted without claiming, and the most enjoyable way to celebrate together the games that have made us rock in recent years. If we are to believe your wise remarks, some games were missing, and others might not be worthy of being included in the selection, but whatever: there was only one that dominated them all. , From the top of the mountain. He could be easily recognized by his sword and his gaze shifted toward the distance.

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