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Do you think you will go faster? The health condition has deteriorated

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Emergency wait times, surgery time, and stay on stretcher: Several performance goals for the health network were slashed last year due to the pandemic, and some were not reached.

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Due to the disruptions of COVID-19, goals for eight statistics have been revised downward in 2020-2021, according to the Department of Health and Social Services (MSSS) annual management report, released yesterday.

In particular, the target for the average length of stay on the stretcher was reduced from 13 h to 15 h. Despite this, the goal was not reached. Among the reasons mentioned, we note the shortage of staff and low reception capacity.

“The 15-hour goal is not ideal, but the goal should be feasible in a certain time,” says Dr. Gilbert Boucher, president of the Association of Emergency Medicine Specialists in Quebec. If the hospital result is 17 hours and we have to reach 12 hours, we know we won’t get there. ”

Always 90 minutes

Yesterday, the latter was not aware of the change of goals. The electoral commitment of the Avenir Quebec coalition to see a doctor within 90 minutes in the emergency room was also reviewed.

In 2020-2021, we were now aiming for a 132-minute consultation, which was hardly reached, among other things, thanks to the “sharp drop in emergency room visits”. MSSS is still targeting the 90-minute goal, but at 2022-2023.

“It’s unrealistic to think we’ll get there,” Dr. Boucher believes. Things have gotten worse in the past few years. If we can reverse and improve the trend, that would indeed be a huge step in the right direction. ”

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As for surgeries, the maximum number of people waiting for more than six months has almost quadrupled, from 11,000 to 40,000, and here again, this goal has not been reached (46,832 pending). Moreover, access to operating rooms is still slow.

As for cancer operations, the maximum operation time has been adjusted from 28 days to 56 days. Thus, 91% of people had the surgery on time while the target was 85%.

Difficult in the front line

On the front line, 6.6 million Quebecers (80.8%) were registered with a family doctor, below the target of 83%.

“We had to reorganize the work of doctors […] To respond to pandemic emergencies, says Dr. Louis Godin, president of the Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec. The situation is still difficult, and there is a lot of pressure. “

Revised goals for the period 2020-2021

Average time spent in emergency care*

  • Old target: 120 minutes.
  • New goal: 132 minutes.
  • Result: 132 minutes. (Achieve)

Average length of stay on a stretcher in the emergency room

  • Old target: 1 p.m.
  • New target: 3 p.m.
  • Result: 15.9 hours (not reached)

Surgical operations suspended for more than 6 months

  • Old target: 11,000
  • New target: 40,000
  • Result: 46832 (not achieved)

Patients waiting for mental health service

  • Old target: 9956
  • New target: 19,201
  • Result: 18485 (completed)

No other goals have been reached

Residents registered with a family doctor

  • Target: 83%
  • Result: 80.8%

Consultation with a specialist after referral

  • Target: 81%
  • Result: 70%

* For customers in the waiting room and not on a stretcher

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