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Intel has an AI that helps control the level of hate in gaming chat

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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During the Game Developers Conference, I introduced Intel Bleep, a tool for customizing spoken speech we want to see in the game, and to what degree.

Credit: Sliven Durakovic via Unsplash

Intel Corporation, Maker of microprocessor and semiconductor, has developed a new artificial intelligence that is able to control hate speech that you want to see or not see in your game chat. Bleep, by his pen name, lists all possible forms of hate speech, from racism to misogyny through sexually explicit language, or hatred toward members of the LGBTQI + community. Then the user has the possibility to activate or deactivate the appearance of these messages in his game chat, with the same degree of tolerance. In fact, you can block all insults, or not at all, as you can block a small or large portion. In short, this is personal censorship made possible by artificial intelligence. In Intel’s presentation video, we can see a short demo with the Bleep UI running.


Innovative control or “miserable” embarrassment?

This tool was introduced by Intel at the Game Developers Conference on April 8th. Since its announcement, Intel has faced a wave of criticisms regarding the utility concept itself. In fact, rather than finding solutions to eliminate all forms of discrimination that may exist online or in video game chats, Intel is focusing on an option to customize its online experience while doing nothing to stop it from hate speech. However, using this AI, which can recognize any hate speech, is sufficient to prevent players who write these words from spreading them.

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While some companies in the world of video games such as TwitchAs more and more efforts are made to eliminate all forms of discriminatory hatred from their platforms or games, Intel is choosing a strategy aimed at turning a blind eye to rioters. While the intention is there, this method is seen by many as “miserable,” like every series of catastrophes in which mistakes are ignored and reality is censored. However, sleep is not without its benefit because, for example, it can be beneficial for parents who do not want their children to face the harsh speech that we can face daily. But in this case, one might ask, why are some people censored and not others censored?

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