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Is Season 4 of “Black Lightning” coming to Netflix soon? – Monitor Troyes

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Black Lightning is back for its fourth season and now, it turns out, the final season on The CW. Some countries are expected to receive the series’ fourth season with Netflix in June 2021, as featured in this Netflix release schedule for Black Lightning Season 4 below.

Developed by Salem Aqeel, Black Lightning is one of the new Arrowverse series, which was originally scheduled to air on Fox before being ported to The CW. It is one of the few DC titles by The CW to be ranked as a Netflix Original series outside of the US.

Cress Williams plays Jefferson Pierce, a high school principal who fights crime and returns to his old life as Black Lightning.

As mentioned, Season 4 will be the final season of Black Lightning and the planned Painkiller episodic will not be produced originally.

Season four was also much shorter than season two and three, returning to the series’ length of 13 episodes. Season 4 has also been postponed due to filming restrictions due to the pandemic. It began broadcasting on February 8, 2021, and just ended on May 24, 2021.

When will Black Lightning Season 4 air on Netflix in the US?

The United States continues to receive Black Lightning as part of Netflix’s legacy production deal with The CW.

This traditionally means new seasons on Netflix arrive 8 days after the final broadcast, but we still have to confirm that happens.

If the series airs on Netflix US during this eight-day period, it should arrive on June 1, 2021, but again, there is no confirmation. We will keep you informed.

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Black Lightning Season 4 international release date on Netflix

Outside the United States, Netflix is ​​streaming the series as Netflix Original, including in France, Australia and Canada.

While some previous seasons were broadcast on Netflix internationally on a weekly basis, this was discontinued as of the third season. Instead, the series airs on Netflix in the same way as it does in the United States, but not exactly on the same date.

Netflix Canada is the only region where the fourth season of Black Lightning was confirmed on June 29, 2021. We expect the same for other regions, but we’ll keep you informed.

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