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Netflix will expand its production of French content

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Among the projects revealed before the opening evening, in which the CEO and founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and Minister of Culture Frank Riester, participated in several appeals for recognized cinematic talent and the French audiovisual scene.

They include Huge insectIt is a film directed by Jean-Pierre Jounieh, who is known for his direction The wonderful fate of Amelie Pauline. Huge insect It is a futuristic comedy that will feature Elsa Zilberstein, Isabel Nante and Manu Payet in its cast.

Screenwriter Fanny Herrero, to whom we owe the France 2 series Ten percentMeanwhile, she revealed that she was working on a six-part series for the broadcast giant. It will tell the story of young comedians trying to break into the Parisian scene.

The wonderful series deadly It will be the second season. Julian Leclerc will direct an action movie. Watchman, With Olga Kurylenko.

These novelties are in addition to the French products that have already been announced and are scheduled to be launched in 2020, such as the series Arsene Lubben With Omar C., Damien Chazel’s musical series Eddie, That Netflix showed its first images, the series revolution And the Vampires, Or documentaries about footballer Nicholas Anelka and rap star Mitter James.

In France to stay there

With the opening of the Parisian headquarters symbolizing the group’s return to the capital after a four-year eclipse, these issues represent a clear acceleration of the platform’s investments in France and should exceed € 100m this year, according to Reid. Hastings – Dynamic driven and encouraged by strong Netflix subscription portfolio growth in France.

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Netflix boss revealed in an interview published by the weekly Express That Netflix now has 6.7 million subscriptions in France (and many users, accounts are often shared with many), out of a total of 158 million worldwide. This encourages her to boost her production of French content to meet the demands of the local audience.

We have more than 6 million members in France. We want to be in France and we are part of the French audiovisual ecosystem and community. Our place is in the heart of Paris, In an interview with AFP Damien Couvreur, who directed the French original series from Netflix.

Still modest compared to the investments of the French channels, the French budget for the platform should continue to grow. Especially since the French government wants to force platforms specialized in films and series, such as Netflix and Amazon, to invest at least 25% of their sales in France in the production of French or European works.

Without commenting on this announcement, Damien Couvreur emphasized the strong growth of the Group’s investments in France: We’ve gone, if we take the series as an example, from two original series, in 2018, to six in 2019.

We decided to invest. We decided to settle down and decided to build. bone These ties to the French ecosystem develop out of pure conviction, not out of commitmentHe continued, confirming: We are at the beginning of the adventure.

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