Is there a laxity in the application of gestures Barry

15 positive cases of the delta variant were detected in a restaurant in Papeete. A number that could increase further in the coming days, according to the Covid platform. The call to respect the gestures of the barrier is released, while one feels relaxed.

There has been panic since an explosion of positive cases of the Delta variant in fenua was announced, in a few days. This Saturday, Polynesia already has 56 positive cases of the delta variant. A number that should continue to climb in the coming days, according to the Covid platform.

After gathering at Perai Hospital, another group was identified at a restaurant in Papeete, where 15 positive cases were detected in Delta.

The authorities are calling for vaccination and respect for barrier gestures (wearing a mask in public places where distancing cannot be respected, distancing should be preferred or even regular hand washing with soap or hydro-alcoholic gel).

In the face of this explosion of issues, do you think there is relaxation on the part of Polynesians? Here are some of the reactions Sandro Ly collected.

Small dock on the barrier gestures

After that, the website of the Health Directorate became saturated with requests for vaccination certificates. To date, there are already 3,500 QR-CODE requests.

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