ISIS: Algeria – Uganda moved to July 5th Stadium

Preliminarily scheduled in the new stadium in Oran, the meeting of the Greens and Uganda on June 4, on behalf of the first day of qualifying for the African Cup of Nations 2023, will finally take place at the stadium of July 5, 1962 in Algiers.

The eventual reunification of EN with Oran will have to wait. Algeria used to host almost exclusively its opponents i.e. stadium Mustapha Chaker de Blida, and opted to change residence for the first day of qualifying for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. Initially, Oran was chosen as the host city, and will not finally welcome its team-mates by Rais M’Bolhi. This is the first match after qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. Indeed, Djamel Belmadi and his men should finally play the match scheduled against Uganda on June 4 at Stade du 5-Julier 1962.

Information from sources close to the selection administration indicates a change of stage after the implementation of the final preparations ahead of the Mediterranean Games to be held in Oran. Scheduled from June 25 to July 5, JM will host 26 countries competing in 24 different disciplines with the main competition site being the new stadium in Oran. The infrastructure was built specifically for the occasion, and is in final preparations ahead of the games’ official launch in a month. Thus, the organizing committee of the Mediterranean Games has issued a veto on the settlement of the meeting of the Greens in the new stadium, wishing to preserve the state of the lawn twenty days before the opening ceremony.

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In the face of this veto, the FIFA retracted the OCO Mohamed Boudiaf, which houses the 5-Juillet 1962 stadium, which is still CAF-certified infrastructure for the localization of EN matches. After getting used to Blida, Issa Mendi and his teammates will return to the capital’s main court almost two years after their last appearance. The last meeting of the Greens, based in Algiers, dates back to November 12, 2020 during the meeting between EN and Zimbabwe (QCAN 2021), which ended with a great Algerian victory (3-1).



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